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Phase 3 Accreditation Certificates

Phase 3 Connectors pride ourselves in creating quality power connectors. Quality is at the forefront of our business philosophy, setting us apart from competitors. Given the nature of our products and their application within industry, our quality will never be compromised.

Our Certificates

Test Reports

TR-05681 - Powersafe 800A Connectors
TR-05680 - Powersafe 500A Connectors
right angled connectors
TR-05671 - Right Angled Connectors
din fuse carrier
TR-05672 - Din Fuse Carrier
TR-05670 - C240 Bi-Metal Connectors
Phase convertor tests
TR-05669 - Powersafe Phase Convertors
lug convertor
TR-05667 - Powersafe Lug Convertors
TR-05668 - CAB-CON
panel drain T8
TR-05665 - Powersafe Panel Drain T8
Panel source T8
TR-05664 - Powersafe Panel Source T8
panel source T5
TR-05662 - Powersafe Panel Source T5
panel drain T5
TR-05663 - Powersafe Panel Drain T5
TR-05658 - T-Piece
fuse carriers
TR-05657 - Fuse Carriers
overhead line clamp
TR-05655 - Overhead Line Clamp
TR-05656 - Coupler
Horizontal Clamp
TR-05654 - Horizontal Clamp
underground connector
TR-05653 - Underground Connector
rotary clamp
TR-05652 - Rotary Clamp
TR-05651 - G Clamp
Mini G clamp
TR-05650 - Mini G Clamp
powersafe box
TR-05673 - Powersafe Sequential Box
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